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ARA aims to add value

ARAs focus is set on priority projects for 2024, providing for greater value-add services. Responding to the need for an advanced, intuitive software solution within the REMAN Trade, WorkshopPro is poised to bridge the technology gap and revolutionise the trade-sector.

WorkshopPro, born out of a long-standing collaboration with the Automotive Remanufacturing Association (ARA), addresses the lack of streamlined, efficient, and accurate systems within the industry, ultimately ensuring smooth operational proceedings between member-businesses and the end-user, alike.

WorkshopPro integrates a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system, offering a multi-faceted platform that caters to every operational need. It provides for comprehensive inventory management, staff supervision, job tracking, and enables effortless generation of quotations and invoices.

Unique to WorkshopPro, the repair times are calculated based on actual job completion times, multiplied by the workshop’s hourly rate, eliminating the outdated practice of manual entries that often lead to discrepancies.