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The world is changing, referring to Industry 4.0 i.e. newly developed technologies / energies / automotive advances, which means we to have to change, and adapt how we do business. ARAs focus is set on Industry relevance (how business is perceived), which effectively and collectively contribute to the longevity of the REMAN Trade Sector, for a sustainable future.

Our success story can be attributed to an informed understanding of the history of the REMAN Trade Sector (Nationally, but also Internationally), which allowed us to understand our present and foreseeable future, in terms of Technology / Trends / Patterns / Energy. The only “… constant in life is change …”; we have to adapt to changing times / Industry demand.

ARA brought Industry closer together; allowing for a bigger Footprint / a Stronger Voice / a Bigger Clout, with 450 plus Members, Nationally. ARA are continuously on the forefront of a number Industry projects, including the diversification of business involving new energies / technology / systems.