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Why ARA?

ARA(Automotive Remanufacturers’ Association) represents the Remanufacturing Trade Sector. This includes Component Remanufacturers involved in safety-critical components, inclusive of but not limited to vehicle cooling, turbocharger and braking systems; Automotive Engineers who machine and remanufacture engine components / rebuilding engines to its original specifications; and specialists in the repair, servicing and remanufacturing of Diesel Fuel Injection Systems. ARAs Members are dedicated to provide Consumers the best of advice, finest service delivery, and highest quality (precision) workmanship.

ARA promotes the responsible reuse of remanufactured engine components for a “greener” environment (carbon footprint). In the midst of the Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR) i.e. the introduction of newly developed technologies / energies, (amongst) our strategic objectives is to secure relevancy in the REMAN market, by way of unmatched service delivery, in terms of standards, diversification, and adapting to Industry (and public) demand. 

The consolidation of three similar strong trade sector associations operating together in the remanufacturing trade sector formed the foundation of the new logo. The universally recognised engine icon was used as the central design. It is made up of three colours that represent the three amalgamated strengths namely:  automotive engineering, automotive components and diesel fuel injection. The spark, strategically placed in the centre, is a powerful symbol of a healthy engine. It symbolises igniting a remanufactured engine and refers to new beginnings.