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The importance of upskilling one’s workforce as new energy solutions enter the market

ARA is party to the SABS Technical Committee Meetings which develop road safety standards. As a key industry stakeholder who welcomes and promotes new energy solutions and technologies, we equally promote the responsibility of upskilling one’s staff-compliment to perform repairs on new energy vehicles.

As electric and hybrid vehicles continue to gain popularity and become more mainstream, regenerative braking is expected to play an increasingly important role in shaping the future of sustainable transportation. The SABS Technical Committee 22 / Sub Committee 01 are currently in discussions regarding the implementation of standards for this method of self-generation of electricity and storage thereof.

Regenerative braking is a key technology that plays a significant role in improving the efficiency and driving range of EVs while also enhancing the overall driving experience for drivers. ARA member-businesses who specialise in braking should embrace the opportunity of upskilling to ensure their staff-compliment is up to date with the latest technology and that their business remains current.