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Give your employees cover for crime and injuries while travelling to and from work

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You trust your employees to arrive at work and get the job done. Now, let your employees have faith in you to get them back home safely.

Keeping your staff safe at work is mandatory but ensuring that they safely get to work and return to their families and friends demonstrates how a company puts its values into practice.

South Africa has one of the highest crime rates in the world. Crime is a rampant reality in our neighbourhoods. There is a considerable possibility that one of your dedicated and loyal employees will become a crime statistic and suffer some crime-related injury while commuting between home and work.



Text Box: RMA Life has developed Crime and Injury Commuting Journey Policy. This policy is aimed primarily at your employees to give them peace of mind that they are protected from crime and injury while commuting to and from work and travelling through South Africa's crime-riddled neighbourhoods.

You can offer this protection to your employees against criminal occurrences while they travel for work by taking up our offer.

No matter what time they go home or should they need to commute for any other work-authorised events, including attending a colleague’s funeral or memorial service, you have the reassurance that your staff can now travel in confidence, with that knowledge that they have the added protection against crime and injury!

This Crime and Injury Commuting Journey Policy covers your employees from Act of Terrorism, Assault, Attempted Murder, Murder, Rape and gives additional cover for Psychological injuries. PLUS it covers medical expenses in the event of injury or disablement, PLUS this policy assists in recovery to help your trusted employees to return to work.

The policy enhances employee protection by providing insurance cover against crime and injury for up to R7.5 million if an employee dies or becomes disabled due to an incident that occurs while commuting.

Benefits payable:

  • Death
  • Temporary Total Disablement (TTD)
  • Temporary Partial Disablement (TPD)
  • Permanent Disablement (PD)
  • Medical Expenses Includes (Psychological Disorders)
  • Funeral Expenses


Click here to learn more or email us at to get a quote. T&C’s Apply.

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