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AERA Technical Bulletins – July 30, 2021

Cylinder Head Removal and Installation on 2012-16 Honda/Acura 2.4L K24Z7 Engines

The AERA Technical Committee offers the following information on removal and installation of the cylinder head for 2012-2016 Honda/Acura 2.4L K24Z7 engines. This information should be referenced anytime the cylinder head is removed.
To prevent warpage during removal, loosen the cylinder head bolts in the sequence in Figure 1, 1/3 turn at a time; repeat the sequence until all bolts are loosened. 

Vibration Damper Caution on 2006-2021 John Deere 9.0L Diesel Engines

The AERA Technical Committee offers the following information concerning a vibration damper caution for 2006-2021 John Deere 9.0L diesel engines. This information applies to both Agricultural, Industrial, and marine engine uses.
These engines may use different dampers and the following information applies to all versions supplied by John Deere.

Adding a Vacuum Pump to a Race Engine


Sealing the crankcase and creating negative pressure
Adding an external belt-driven vacuum pump creates a vacuum pull in the crankcase, minimizing the effects of potential blow-by and external oil leaks as well as improving piston ring seal and minimizing windage concerns, which adds horsepower due to a reduction of parasitic
oil cling. While not necessary, the addition of a vacuum pump also allows you to run lower tension piston rings since the negative pressure created by the pump increases ring seal.
In general terms, running about 15 inches of vacuum at high engine speeds is the target. Installing a vacuum relief valve (which can be mounted at the valve cover) can be pre-set between 12 and 20 inches. The engine must be sealed, meaning eliminating breathers. The
vacuum pump features a toothed belt drive, with the pump driven by the crank. A setup using a tooth count combination of both the pump’s driven gear and the crankshaft drive gear at about 50-51% is generally ideal to regulate the speed of the pump. If the pump is driven too fast, the pump loses efficiency.

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Steve and Chuck talk with Lake Speed Jr from Total Seal Piston Rings about Tribology and what it is, piston rings and bore sealing. But before the discussion with Lake, they take a step back in time to enlighten the listeners on some history for July when the first Ford vehicle sold back in 1903!

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