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AERA Technical Bulletins – January 15, 2022

Valve Train Variables on Ford Modular Engine Cylinder Heads

The AERA Technical Committee offers the following information on valve train variables on Ford modular engines. Modular Ford engines have been around since the 1990 model year and there are millions of cylinder heads still being worked on.
The following is a list of possible variations to consider while doing valve work on these heads for 4.6, 5.4 and 6.8L Ford engines. Factory machining operations have proven to be inconsistent with this engine family as often discovered during cylinder head rebuild. Different depths of HLA (Hydraulic Lash Adjuster) pockets have been often reported affecting the desired dry lash of .018-.033″ (.457-.838 mm).

Valve Train Caution on 2011-2022 Subaru 2.5L,
FB Engines

The AERA Technical Committee offers the following information on a valve train caution for 2011-2022 Subaru 2.5L, FB engines. The caution expresses concern during cylinder head assembly and adjusting the valve lash for these engines.
These timing chain engines at first glance appear to use a HLA (Hydraulic Lash Adjuster) to assure proper valve operation. Although, during disassembly it may appear a HLA system is used as it appears there is an oil gallery connecting the bores. The non-hydraulic assembly used is referred to by Subaru as a roller rocker arm pivot.

Engine Airflow, Camshafts and Horsepower Planning


Engines aren’t magic, but they do have some traits that border on the mythical and legendary. Those who stay on the logical side of analysis will gain from the struggle. Don’t just throw money at a desired solution; throw some thought at it as well. How does one choose a camshaft for their engine? There are several ways to accomplish that complex goal. We have limited space available in this article, so I will try and describe the most salient points for your consideration. Is there a way to choose a cam that is supportive to the airflow of the component capacities of the engine? Skillful choices will almost always outpace being just plain lucky. If the airflow available supports making 400 solid horsepower don’t expect some trick, hot-tip bumpstick to turn loose a tally of 500 horsepower! After all, a camshaft does not make airflow! The cam only allows an opening and closing window and time to use the available airflow for best results only if it is an effective selection. Best cam choices are made based on timing and lift events that are specifically complimentary to the available airflow. If you don’t have trustworthy airflow data from a correctly calibrated flow bench you might as well flip a coin or roll the dice or pin the tail on the cam catalog for a maybe lucky guess. This article presents some engine relationships and hopefully will help you have a respect for the experience of the help available from responsible cam companies.

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Podcast Episode 14 – Incoming Part Inspection

Steve and Chuck discuss the importance of inspecting and checking your incoming parts before you start to assemble that engine. Making sure that that the parts you ordered are correct by taking measurements and comparing is a vital step in making sure that engine runs and last. Also discussed is the finishing of the Indianapolis Motor Speedway which was completed in December of 1909. Take a listen and learn a little history as well as checking and inspecting parts coming into the machine shop!

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