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AERA Technical Bulletins – January 26, 2022



Camshaft/Bearing Caution on 1988-2020 John Deere 4024 and 5030 Diesel Engines


The AERA Technical Committee offers the following information on a camshaft/bearing caution on 1988-2020 John Deere 4024 and 5030 diesel engines. The caution expressed should be considered during engine disassembly to save time and expense.


There are several unique components used in this cam and valvetrain system, one being a ball bearing in the front cam housing bore. All other bores use a conventional cam bearing/bushing. Another unusual component for an industrial engine is the use of hydraulic lifters.




Valve Train Caution on 1999-2013 Chrysler/Jeep 4.7L Engines


The AERA Technical Committee offers the following information regarding a valve train caution for 1999-2013 Chrysler/Jeep 4.7L engines. This caution is expressed for anytime the valve covers are removed for these SOHC engines.


In 2008 this engine saw major changes to produce more power and redesigned cylinder heads were part of the revisions. The new cylinder heads with two spark plugs per cylinder (by the way, these two spark plugs are not identical) now limit the interchangeability of previous years heads.




Preparing To Exit and Retire


By Aaron Fulton, CFP®, MSFS


As technology evolves, so does retirement planning. Capital-intensive business owners face unique considerations when planning for their retirement, which involves the eventual exit from business ownership. Such business owners build the value of their company over the years by making a number of capital investments in equipment and production facilities. But this can also

leave the business owner captive to the current economic environment, limiting their control over the when and how of exiting their business. There are key steps you can take right now to help empower you and add some flexibility to your current situation.




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Podcast Episode 14

Incoming Part Inspection


Steve and Chuck discuss the importance of inspecting and checking your incoming parts before you start to assemble that engine. Making sure that that the parts you ordered are correct by taking measurements and comparing is a vital step in making sure that engine runs and last. Also discussed is the finishing of the Indianapolis Motor Speedway which was completed in December of 1909. Take a listen and learn a little history as well as checking and inspecting parts coming into the machine shop!




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