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AERA Technical Bulletins – May 6, 2022



Valve Lash Adjustment for 2010-2022 Ford 2.0L Ecoboost Engines


The AERA Technical Committee offers the following information on the valve lash adjustment for 2010-2022 Ford 2.0L Ecoboost engines. To achieve the desired valve lash specifications listed below, refer to the chart to obtain the proper thickness lash compensator bucket. These adjustors are available in 35 different thicknesses.




Piston Protrusion on Deutz D2.9L4 Diesel Engines


The AERA Technical Committee offers the following information on the piston protrusion for 2011-2022 Deutz D2.9L4 diesel engines. This information should be considered both during engine disassembly and reassembly to verify proper compliance for emissions.


The pistons used for this engine have two raised crowns on the very top of the piston as well as a combustion bowl as shown in the diagram below. Measuring piston protrusion should be done using those raised areas to properly determine the indicated dimension.




Neglected Rotocoils


By Steve Scott


“Neglected, unappreciated, disregarded and overlooked” — this might summarize the service life of a valve rotocoil. These unsung workhorses in an industrial engine’s valvetrain are a major component in getting the full-service life from an engine. Plus, if this workhorse stops functioning, it can wreak havoc in your engine. Depending on the application, these rotators can be above or below the valve springs, and function with either single or dual spring designs. They are used on both intake and exhaust valves in a variety of heavy-duty engines.




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Podcast Episode 17

Small Diesel Engine Opportunities


Steve and Chuck interview Paul Kelly from Maxiforce Engine Parts, who supplies diesel engine parts, about the opportunities that are out there for machine shops in the small-bore diesel engine market. Paul enlightens everyone about how one engine can be used in several different pieces of equipment from one manufacturer. Also, this month’s history segment pertains to the Indianapolis 500 and how one of our longtime associate members participated in the Indianapolis 500 in the early years.




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