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Training matters: (1) Notice! merSETA unreachable website; (2) Breaking the Bias: Women Working in Tech; (3) How To Prevent A Lost Generation of Women At Work?

Dear RMI | ARA Member,


  1. Notice!  merSETA unreachable website


Please note urgent message received from merSETA with subject ‘Unreachable website’ – below. 


“Kindly communicate with clients that the merSETA website is currently unreachable and an urgent ticket has been logged with our service provider to urgently assist.


Resolution feedback to follow shortly.


Should you not receive a response within 48 hours please escalate your query to the Acting National  Senior Manager: Mr. Naphtaly Mokgotsane :


Reminder!  merSETA regional offices on these central office contact email addresses:


Eastern Cape –

Free State and Northern Cape –

Gauteng North –

Gauteng South –

KwaZulu Natal –

Mpumalanga and Limpopo –

Western Cape –


  1. Breaking the Bias:  Women Working in Tech


“While we are making progress, the statistics of women in technology and engineering are far from even closing the gap. Only about 25% of jobs in technology are far from even closing the gap. Only about 25% of jobs in technology are held by women in 2021.”


Author: Reshma Ramachandran, Group SVP and Head of Transformation at the Adecco Group.


Link to article –



  1. How To Prevent A Lost Generation of Women At Work?


“Societies need to think much more seriously and imaginatively about how to address the often-prohibitive costs of childcare and elder care. For many years I was against positive discrimination, because I never wanted to wonder whether I had been promoted for my capabilities or my gender. But I have changed my mind because we cannot afford to wait: at the current rate of progress, we are not looking at only a generation to achieve gender equality in the economy – it’s 267 years.”


Author:  Valerie Beaulieu, Chief Sales and Marketing Officer, The Adecco Group 


Link to article –



**PS –  The RMI | ARA Nuts and Bolts Conference is around the corner (will be held at the Expo Centre – JHB (NASREC), free of charge, however, registration is compulsory, given the limited seats that’s available. Herewith the registration link to register, to secure your seat –


Yours Sincerely – Team ARA


Attie Serfontein

National Director


tel:  +27 11 886 6300

cell: +27 82 452 5153



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