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South Africa has launched several national nanotechnology initiatives to strengthen and position the country’s capabilities in this field. Industrial areas that benefit from nanotechnology are mining and minerals, chemical and bio-processing, and advanced materials and manufacturing.

However, the development of nanotechnology in South Africa is hampered by many barriers such as regulation, standards, health & safety issues, and public perception. Standardisation is an integral part of implementing the national development plan.

In addition to publishing standards on nanotechnology, the country needs to continue with efforts to publicise and cultivate information on nanotechnology to ensure the sustainable development of the sector. 236049@aN2GdSJ-xnxkCgTYBArkrSpdQiJmgLFEMNPdKqh_pz0.@” target=”_blank”>Webinar contents here.



Young Professionals

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Dr Sadhvir Bissoon
ARSO Council 2022 – 2025

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Railway Safety
TC’s & Standards

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SANS/ISO 22000
Food Trade Safety

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SANS 1044
Laundry Detergents

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SANS 10228
Dangerous Goods

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When things don’t work as they should, it often means that standards are absent. This is how?

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Standard to Guide Social Media Emergencies

The South African Bureau of Standards (SABS), through its technical committee, has adopted the ISO 22329 standard that provides guidance on the use of social media during an emergency or crisis. The standard underwent a public enquiry stage and was adopted and published as a South African National Standard (SANS) 22329 in June 2022. 236058@aN2GdSJ-xnxkCgTYBArkrSpdQiJmgLFEMNPdKqh_pz0.@” target=”_blank”> READ MORE 


First standards for Vaping Products

The South African Bureau of Standards (SABS) is starting to draft the first set of standards for vaping products in South Africa. The new SABS standards will cover electronic vaping products and their components, including cartridges. 236059@aN2GdSJ-xnxkCgTYBArkrSpdQiJmgLFEMNPdKqh_pz0.@” target=”_blank”> READ MORE

SANS 20079: Vehicle Steering Equipment

This Regulation intends to establish uniform provisions for the layout and performance of steering systems fitted to vehicles used on the road. Traditionally the primary requirement has been that the central steering system contains a positive mechanical link between the steering control, usually the steering wheel, and the road wheels to determine the vehicle’s path. The automatic link, if amply dimensioned, has been regarded as not being liable to failure. 236060@aN2GdSJ-xnxkCgTYBArkrSpdQiJmgLFEMNPdKqh_pz0.@” target=”_blank”> READ MORE


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