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Can cops pull over autonomous vehicles?




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Can cops pull over autonomous vehicles?

[Video] A concern about autonomous vehicles is how they can be pulled over by law enforcement, particularly trucks where these vehicles are yet to be seen on the road. Yet, in South Africa, where the basics for autonomous vehicles is not up to standard, how large of a concern is this?



BMW R18 Transcontinental 

Recently, the R18 Transcontinental landed on our stoep for a week long of test riding. A keyless entry system allows for almost care-free mounting on the bike. Trying to lift the 420-odd kilogram beast adds some complication though. And that weight is prior to the premium package and other accessories.


Did you know?

The average auto repair costs about R5 300, including parts, labour, tax, and associated inconvenience!

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Update: new road legislation

Recently, two updates to road traffic legislation were made. One of these may have an effect on transporters that have cross-border trips in their operations. The second new legislation will affect anyone that has a driving licence.


Onwards and… downwards

“I put my ex-husband through medical school,” a blonde says.
“That’s nothing. I made my ex-husband a millionaire,” a redhead replies.
“Really?” the blonde asks, “What was he before?”
The redhead responds, “A billionaire.”






Remember! MasterDrive does not advocate using recording equipment in unsafe or illegal ways. We recommend being safely stationary or using automatically activated in-car cameras or the help of passengers.




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