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Caution: sweltering driving ahead! 




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Caution: sweltering driving ahead!

Most parts of South Africa experienced high temperatures this week as the first heatwave of summer hit. Gauteng Weather said the temperature was expected to surge to multi-year highs in the region on Tuesday. For the rest of summer, be cautious of heat stress or heatstroke, when driving.



Sam says it’s cutting-edge tech personified

When the latest Discovery was released, it was with an enhanced interior and exterior as well as with smarter, better connected and cutting-edge technologies. The test vehicle, the Discovery D300 SE R-Dynamic certainly offers its drivers that with its luxurious interior that lacks for nothing.


Did you know?

The word ‘car’ is derived from the Latin word ‘Carrum’ which means ‘two-wheeled Celtic war chariot.’

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Transport Month begins

As many South African drivers have resumed their normal driving schedules following lockdown, Transport Month 2022 is an important opportunity to continue road safety initiatives. MasterDrive is adding their contribution with their brand-new initiative: DRIVING THE INFLUENCE.


Right, then…

A teacher asks her grade one class what their favourite animal is.
One little boy says, “Fried chicken.”






Remember! MasterDrive does not advocate using recording equipment in unsafe or illegal ways. We recommend being safely stationary or using automatically activated in-car cameras or the help of passengers.




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