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Beware: slippery roads!




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Be aware: slippery roads!

Recently, many parts of South Africa experienced the first rain for summer. During the first rainfall of the season, the roads will be more hazardous as the oil and grease, collected on the roads during the dry season, will make the roads more slippery than what they are in the middle of rainy season.



BMW reveals three new M models

At the start of BMW Mfest, three new M models were launched globally: the new M2, the XM and the limited edition M4. BMW also marked 50 years of BMW M in SA which was celebrated with the international reveal of the new vehicles. We can expect the cars soon with the exception of the M4…unless you pre-ordered it.


Did you know?

Volvo is Latin for ‘I roll’

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MasterDrive is Driving the Influence

This Transport Month, MasterDrive is tackling an issue that is close to the hearts of many South Africans: driving under the influence. Almost everyone has been affected or knows someone that has tragically or seriously been affected by this scourge on our roads.


Apples and oranges

A woman is bragging to a friend about her son who is in college. “Our son is so brilliant, every time we get a letter from him, we have to go to the dictionary.”
Her friend responds, “You’re lucky, every time we get a letter from our son, we have to go to the bank.”






Remember! MasterDrive does not advocate using recording equipment in unsafe or illegal ways. We recommend being safely stationary or using automatically activated in-car cameras or the help of passengers.




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