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REMINDER: Collect your RMI Branding





Collect your RMI Branding

Dear Valued Member

In a Newsflash dated 11 April 2023, members were informed that the RMI Board had approved a special project to fund production of RMI branding material, specifically to assist you, our members, in bringing your premises up to date with the new RMI branding introduced three years ago. This will enable you more easily to reflect our brand consistently and uniformly, as changes to signage can prove costly.

We are proud to see that this initiative was well received by our accredited members in good standing, and encourage those who have not yet collected their branding / sent a courier, to do so soonest.

Each member in good standing will receive 2 small and 2 large RMI Accredited Member decals as well as a high quality RMI Perspex board to proudly display in your reception facing areas for staff and customers to see.

Branding can be collected at any of our regional offices:

We believe this is an excellent branding opportunity for members and will definitely help you move from the old to the new correct RMI branding, thereby ensuring the RMI Corporate Image is being upheld. As we have stressed, showing our best face with the correct logo, is vitally important.
Of equal importance is ensuring brand consistency across all documentation and marketing collateral which includes letterheads, leaflets, advertisements, websites, and social media platforms. We have attached a simplified one pager which will assist you in using the “Accredited Member” logo on documentation and marketing collateral. We have zip folders for each Association as well as the RMI which can easily be obtained by contacting your respective Associational Director.

Let’s work together to ensure all old branding is replaced.

I would like to remind members of our more in-depth Corporate Identity Manual with very clear directives, reflecting do’s and don’ts to ensure colours are adhered to, logos are not stretched out of proportion and branding is applied consistently and accurately. If you don’t already have a copy, you can liaise with the RMI’s Brand and Communications Manager, Danelle van der Merwe on who can forward you a copy.

Please may we ask that you are vigilant in the correct use of our identity. I look forward to your support and co-operation and to more of our members appreciating and embracing the change. 

Yours faithfully

RMI: Chief Executive Officer








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