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RMI Web Letter – 07/07/2023




Way forward – transition from legacy qualifications and apprentice training to occupational qualifications

Firstly, it is crucial for RMI employers to continue their support and investment in apprentice training, given the significant decline in the number of registered apprentices. The decline of apprentices from 4,704 in 2019 to 3,912 in 2023 represents a decrease of almost 

Road fatality numbers are a continuing national crisis

South Africa’s annual road fatality statistics for 2022 paint a grim picture of the dire road safety situation on the country’s roads and point to the need for more intensive action to curb what the Automobile Association (AA) considers a national crisis.          


Benefits of belonging to the RMI

Belonging to the RMI makes business sense. Below are a few reminders. We’ve been representing the retail motor industry for more than 110 years. With more than 8 500-member businesses, our unity is our strength.

Worn shock absorbers: Know the signs

Bouncing, vibrations and jolts are not part of a normal driving experience. So, if your car has earned the nickname “shake, rattle and roll”, it may be time to have its shock absorbers checked. Vishal Premlall, national director of the Tyres Equipment Parts





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